Southern Nights Observatory






All images at Southern Nights are currently taken using a ZWO ASI 183MC pro camera cooled to -15 degrees celsius. Specifications for this camera are:

Chip size ::  5496 x 3672
13.2mm x 8.8mm


Pixel size :: 2.4 um
Temperature :: cooled to -15 C for all images

Some images are taken with a ZWO Duo-Band filter placed immediately infront of the camera. This is clearly noted on all images that have included this filter.



The mount used for all images, unless otherwise noted, is a Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro. 

The Guide scope used is a 60mm, 240mm fl achromat with a ZWO 178mm connected to PHD2 software.

Image capturing is performed by N.I.N.A.




Three telescopes are used in the capture of the data, covering a wide range of focal lengths.

1. A Celestron 6 inch SCT.  Normally fitted with a hyperstar to yield a widefield image.

f 1.9 - 285mm fl.

without hyperstar          f 10 - 1500mm fl

2. A Sharpstar 80 mm triplet refractor.  Currently imaging without a reducer but this will be added in time.

f 6.25 - 500mm fl.


3. A 6 inch Richey Cretian fitted with a 6.7 reducer.

f 6.7 - 900mm fl

without reducer          f 9.0 - 1300mm fl